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How to setup live still-images from network camera and embedded on your website?

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New command to view still-images on your website is:

Hi everyone, if you have live webcam time setup on your website, the following information you must need to know.
More traffic on your website, longer time (second) given.

It will meet both IE and firefox browsers.

New camera image pixel is 704X480 and larger. It is about 154,578KB size. On the Internet, any browsers request it, it will take more than x second. In the LAN, it won’t have any downloading image time because it is faster enough. You project demo, it may have 50 people view at same time, and it cause refresh issue.
This version of firmware is solved issue. Allow as many as student or people to browser the demo on the website. If you think of 50 people browser the demo from USA or Europe, you need to set up interval 10 second. The camera won’t crash for still image. The same time, there is video running, and ftp pushing actions on the camera.

The parameters:

:> ip =
:> port = 7777 (web port, default is 80 in the camera, here 7777 is an example, could be any number less than 65000. If you use any number, please make sure camera end need the same number – no video port 9660)
:> channel = 1 (camera only is 1 default)
:> w = 352 (default)
:> h = 240 (default)


Go to your phone which has browser function:
our demo:

all default values is not showed.

Step of your update firmware on your new camera:
1. Download firmware v1.3.7.4b fromhttp://www.microseven.com
2. Download software CMS Full version 3.430

Setup snapshot = 10 seconds, it plans for large volumes of students or people. More people more than 10 seconds purpose on the Internet traffic.

Use http://www.microseven.com home page demo script on your website. Copy it from there, so in Firefox, still image will go smooth, won’t see refresh on the Firefox screen.

Old camera has small size of image, it won’t have above issue.

You also use other method which post image using ftp from camera end to your ftp website and keep the file name is the same.


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April 18th, 2010 at 8:36 am

How to view video and image live on Internet browsers?

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If you want to view streaming of Microseven network camera on the Internet, you do not need to install Microeven M7CMS software.
This URL is redirected to camera self server, for IE using only.
The next example is for all the browsers for different device other than Windows OS.

Microseven hosts your videos and images on the Internet FREE.
Usually, local phone company will provide it.