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How to install M7LIVE live streaming server?

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How to install M7LIVE flash media server:

Step1. download it use your Microseven ID.
Step2. save it on your desktop
Step3. unzip it from WinRAR tool
Step4. run M7LIVESetup.exe on your windows OS
Step5. You need to have Microseven network camera IP address ready
Step6. to check camera end RTSP port is open which is port 554 as default
Step7. to finish the installation
Step8. to open port 1935 from your windows OS firewall as exceptions (term as inbound if you use Windows 7)
Step9. to open port 7000 from your windows OS firemwall as exceptions (term as inbound if you use Windows 7)
Step10. to open port 1935 from your router (port forwarding)
Step11. view javascript code of the flashstreaming and modify to your Internet IP address
Step12. save the javascript code, and copy it and paste it to your website

The following is M7LIVE API, after you run M7LIVE, end up will be the scripts page, and you will copy and paste it in your website to run video.


1. width, height, rtmp://you_ip_address need to be modified.
2. open port 1935, and 7000 on your PC where you installed M7LIVE.

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February 20th, 2011 at 12:48 am

Find your activation key

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You activation key is to activate M7LIVE flash media server. It is located at your account profile in www.microseven.com.
To find it, step1. go to http://www.microseven.com; step2. Sign to your account, if you do not have one, please create on; step3. click on menu my account, and drop down list, then click on profile; step4. go to profile page, it is at end of the page after phone number field.

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February 17th, 2011 at 12:03 am

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