How To Configure M7-GN2 Wireless Bridge

How To Configure M7-GN2 Wireless Bridge

  1. Enter // in the browser address bar,go to the following device information page
    M7-GN2 Device Information
  2. Choose Wireless tab to go to current device configuration page
    M7-GN2 Wireless Setup

    1. Wireless Mode, pull drop list and select ‘Access Point WDS’
    2. In WDS Peers, enter the corresponding MAC address of the remote device(s). If there are several remote devices, enter the MAC address for these several devices.
      The figure is shown there are three slave devices, and MAC are: 00:15:6d:5b:a9:69,00:15:6d:5b:a9:6a and 00:15:6d:5b:a9:6b
    3. Enter SSID
    4. Country Code should be current location. We are in United States, then we select United States
    5. Frequency List, set to Enable, click the Edit button, enter the following page, select Frequency in the list
      M7-GN2 Frequency Select on Wireless Setup
    6. Wireless Security – Security set to ‘None’
    7. Click the Change button to complete the setup
  3. Select the Network, to go to the network configuration page
    M7-GN2 Network Configuration

    1. Network Mode to set to ‘Bridge'(Attention: must not be set to ‘Router’)
    2. Bridge IP Address to set to ‘Static’
    3. Device default IP Address is It can be modified by new IP address.
    4. Enter Netmask, Gateway IP
    5. Click on ‘Change’ to complete the set up.
  4. Repeat 2-3,complete other three slave devices Wireless and Network set up
    Three slave devices, the IP Addresses are,,
    ***Attention: master and slave devices IP address should be on the same network segment
    M7-GN2 Master Slaves Configuration

M7-GN2 setup guidelines
M7GN2 setup step 1
M7GN2 setup step 2
M7GN2 setup step 3

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