How To Set Up SMTP Server In Email Settings Via A Gmail

There are 4 steps for using an SMTP server in the email settings configuration via a Gmail. The following instruction and attached snapshot show you how to do it.

Sending emails from a camera, you have to use an SMTP server; it will send the alert email from the camera to your email inbox. You can use an STMP server via a Gmail account. It can be your primary Gmail account or a secondary Gmail account. Some people create a secondary Gmail account to send an email from the camera ONLY for the alert email when the camera motion is triggered.

The old version cameras used a as an SMTP server. It has retired. Now you can use Gmail SMTP server ‘’ to replace the ‘’. Gmail SMTP server is also an SSL/TLS secure server required in the latest firmware to protect your privacy.

Step1: Using Gmail SMTP server ‘’ in Email Settings web page

SMTP server name:

Server port: 465

Encryption type: SSL

Username: Must be the Gmail valid address.

Password: Must be the Gmail password.

Sender: Must be the Gmail valid address.

Sender name: It can be your name.

Send To: Must be an email address you want to send an alert event email to.

You have to check the Gmail security settings to “Allow less secure apps: ON”

Go to URL to turn on Less secure app access:

You can test it and get an email after you select the “Test” button, it says from Gmail that it is password incorrect, but you ignore it.

[If you are still not finding where it is, here is the link to go:]

Now you can try to test the “Test” button on your camera email settings web page, then you should get an email from the camera in your Gmail inbox.

If you can’t find Turn ON in the security settings web page, go to the following steps:

Step1. In your Gmail, click on top right corner ‘Gear’ then go to ‘Settings’, then click on ‘Account and Import’

Step2. Click on ‘Other Google Account settings’ link

Step3. Click on ‘Apps with account access’

Step4. Turn on ‘Allow less secure apps: ON’