How To Add A Camera To Your Portal In Live Streaming

How to add a camera to your portal in for live streaming?

Step 1 Open using a browser, then go to My Camera -> My Camera Settings:


Step 2 Sign in your account. If you do not have an account, you can create an account. 


Step 3 Add a new camera

Step 4 Fill your camera info:

The camera is CH1 selected. If you use NVR, you have to select the camera to belong to which channel in the NVR.

Step 5 Click ‘SAVE.

Save the info click on “SAVE”.

Step 6 Click link URL or ‘View LIVE…’ to play live streaming from the camera.


Step 7 You may see the screen is different. Click on ‘Set LIVE to HTML5…’:

In the SET LIVE TO HTML5 page, edit the settings as you need, then click ‘SAVE’ button to save your settings:

Step 8 Stream is playing…

The stream is playing …