How To Add A Camera To App Manually

How to add a camera to the app manually?

Before starting to add a camera to the app manually, CamID, camera credential userID, and password must be ready.

1. Add camera in the app, click on “+” at the right top corner of the screen:

2. Select manually add a camera without scan a QR code:

3. Enter a camera CamID and PIN. Then click on Camera Credential button:

4. Enter a camera credential:
If default userID and password are used, click on ‘checked mark’ at the right top corner to save. Otherwise, enter the new userID and new password. Default UserID and password are ‘admin’ and ‘password.’

5. Click on “checked mark” to save the settings when it is done:

6. A camera added in Live Cameras:

7. Play the live feed video: