How To Set Camera Audio On

How to set camera audio (microphone)

Turn the audio from the app

1) Tap on ‘Settings’ under a camera image in the Live Cameras.

2) Tap on ‘Audio Settings’ in the Camera Properties.

3) Turn on three-stream audio ‘On’, then tap on ‘save’ checked mark.

Turn the audio from the camera built-in web

Go to CAMERA -> ‘Audio settings’ configuration page, then to set audio on all stream audios and ‘APPLY’ to save the settings.

On the phone, Microseven app, you can turn on/off the microphone and speaker


On PC, microseven CMS app, you can turn audio on to listen to the audio sound.

turn on PC audio

Using an internet browser, turn audio ‘on’ to listen to the audio sound, the default is ON.

turn on the audio, default is ON.

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