How To Find QR Code

How to Find QR code on your camera: There are two ways to find QR code from camera, #1 Find QR code on the camera, there is a label on the camera of QR code. #2 Find QR code on the camera config page on an Internet browser. Using Cam Locator to find the camera,double … Read more

How To Find A Camera Device Type

Go to, firmware and software download to download the latest software for Windows or Mac. Then use Cam Locator to find a camera. To find a camera Device Type using Cam Locator and click on the search button. The list of cameras is going to popup.  

How To Reset A Camera

1. Hardware to reset a camera 2. Reset a camera using a Windows computer (software reset) 3. Reset a camera using a Mac computer (software reset):   1. Hardware to reset a camera: Hold the reset button on the harness of the camera for about 20 seconds until you hear the sound pops up if … Read more

How To Get WiFi Setup On Wi-Fi Camera

How to get WiFi setup on camera with WiFi Step 1. Go to menu CAMERA -> Wireless Settings -> Click On -> Go Search. A popup window shows up, then select the wifi router that you want to ‘Join.’ Step 2. Selected a WiFi router to ‘Join’, then select Infra as Network Type. Make sure … Read more

List Of Error Messages On HLS Streaming

List Of Error Messages On HLS Streaming Error 10: Camera information is not found. Error 20: Failed to load camera information from the cloud. Error 101: The cloud is not available. Check your network if it is offline or the cloud is in the maintenance. Error 102: Failed to load the HLS playlist. Error 103: … Read more

How To Find Camera And Configure It

You will connect a camera via a power supply and an Ethernet cable initially to set up the camera. The Ethernet cable needs to connect from a router to a camera.   Open Cam Locator on the desktop, click ‘Search’ to find a camera. Highlight the camera and click ‘Open’ to open a browser. Enter … Read more

How To Subscribe Free Microseven Cloud

How to subscribe free version Microseven cloud: Step 1: Go to and select My Cameras, then click on Cloud Subscription: Step 2: It brings up a login page to login to your account, if you do not have one, click on ‘CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT.’ Step 3: Click on ‘Add a camera subscription…’ … Read more

How To Found What The Camera Firmware Version

There are a couple of ways to find the camera firmware version, listed the three samples below: 1. Download the Cam Locator software. Open and run the program, click on the “Search”, you will find the camera firmware version. 2. Go to the ‘SYSTEM’ menu, you can find the camera firmware version. 3. Use your … Read more