List Of Error Messages On HLS Streaming

List Of Error Messages On HLS Streaming

Error 10: Camera information is not found.

Error 20: Failed to load camera information from the cloud.

Error 101: The cloud is not available. Check your network if it is offline or the cloud is in the maintenance.

Error 102: Failed to load the HLS playlist.

Error 103: The cloud HLS is not up to running.

Error 104: Camera info is not found.

Error 105: Failed to get streaming bitrate info, check the camera’s CamID/PIN or credential userID and password if there are correct.

Error 106: the Streaming bitrate is too high.

Error 107: Failed to start HLS streaming.

Error 108: HLS streaming service is up running and no camera info is not found. (The camera is deleted in or cloud is under maintenance.)

Error 109: HLS streaming service is up running and there is no HLS playlist to be found. (network may not be stable from camera end)

Error 110: Since the other issue occurs, the streaming is not available.

Error 111: Camera is in private mode, no sharing with others.

Error 112: Camera is offline, there is no Internet or DNS error.

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