What’s New: Microseven CMS for Windows (v5.0.0.11) (Released on 4/29/2022)

Microseven CMS for Windows (v5.0.0.11) (Released on 4/29/2022)

What’s New:
Updated for new hardware and updated the codec library.

Previous versions:

v5.0.0.10 (Release on 1/20/2022)
What’s New:
Fixed bugs in searching the recording contents from the sd card and has the error of the timestamp issue.

v5.0.0.9 (Release on 9/2/2021)
What’s New:
Added a warning note “Invalid date” when you query the video clips from the sd card.

v5.0.0.8 (Release on 7/26/2021)
What’s New:
Fixed bugs.

v5.0.0.7 (Release on 6/11/2021)
What’s New:
Added pre-recording buffering before the motion recording started. The default value is 5 seconds.

v5.0.0.6 (Release on 6/3/2021)
What’s New:
Fixed bug in the cloud login.

v5.0.0.4 (Release on 4/28/2021)
What’s New:
Fixed bug on recording while the audio G.711 is converting to AAC format. The recording will crash sometimes.

v5.0.0.3 (Released on 4/25/2021)
What’s New:
Fixed bug on remote in secure mode changing camera properties.

v5.0.0.2 (Released on 4/14/2021)
What’s New:
Fixed bug on remote access feature.

v5.0.0.1 (Released on 2/25/2021)
What’s New:
A brand new version CMS.

v4.0.6.16 (Released on 11/24/2020)
What’s New:
Added human detect two checked boxes in the properties for 5MP cameras and WDR cameras.

v4.0.6.15 (Released on 9/15/2020)
What’s New:
Added a sorting function in the Group while you are a camera to select a group.

v4.0.6.14 (Released on 9/11/2020)
What’s New:

Added IR-light night vision on/off options for WDR mode cameras via software in the CMS.

v4.0.6.13 (Released on 7/15/2020)
What’s New:
Updated credential verification while you add the cameras in the CMS.

v4.0.6.12 (Released on 5/29/2020)
What’s New:
Updated the menu description in the camera’s system.

v4.0.6.11 (Released on 4/1/2020)
What’s New:
Bug fixes on changing a group live-view cause streaming screen crash.

v4.0.6.10 (Released on 3/28/2020)
What’s New:
Added a patch for the CamID and PIN links and convert it to a local IP address.

v4.0.6.9 (Released on 3/4/2020)
What’s New:
Optimize the program and speed the network connection between the cameras and CMS.

v4.0.6.8 (Released on 10/9/2019)
What’s New:
1. Digital zoom x2.
2. Each grid digital zoom uses actual real-time varies zoom range and up to the monitor screen resolution 2x.

v4.0.6.7 (Released on 9/20/2019)
What’s New:
1. Using the mouse wheel up and down to zoom in/out on the screen. The function works on each camera on 16 cameras screen and full screen on one camera.
2. Mouse button right-clicks to exit zoom function when zoom-in is on. If the zoom-in close, then you open the properties menu.
3. Drag camera to re-sort camera order in [add camera] – [camera list window].

v4.0.6.6 (Released on 9/12/2019)
What’s New:
1. MYM75MP-HX: Motion alert recording via FTP requires an SD card installed.
2. MYM75MP-HX-VB: Allow IR light switch off and on while the camera is in night vision mode.

v4.0.6.5 (Released on  8/14/2019)
What’s New:
1. Fixed: record path when you use ‘//’ mapping network to a shared location, the UI button won’t display and “Schedule Record” function running no properly.
2. Fixed: when you upgrade the new version, previous settings are not overwritten.

v4.0.6.4 (Released on 8/9/2019)
What’s New:
Added cloud access to manage cameras.

v4.0.6.3 (Released on 7/18/2019)
What’s New:
Add and integrate two types of cameras MYM71080i-A-PTZ20XS and MYM75MP-HX to the app.

v4.0.6.1 (Released on 12/27/2018)
What’s New:
Fixed bug: Inline download files from the SD card in the local network failure in some multiple files while they are downloading.

v4.0.6 (Released on 12/26/2018)
What’s New:
1) Fixed bug: Set IR Cut ONLY for MYM71080i-A-MIC, MYM71080i-A-PTZ20X device type, can’t turn off the IR light in the IR-Cut Setup page.
2) Add a new pan-tilt-zoom optical 20X zoom camera in the new release.
3) The OSD position can work with a new pan-tilt-zoom optical 20X zoom camera in the new release.

v4.0.5.9 (Released on 07/02/2018)
What’s New:
1) Fixed bug when CamID and PIN adding to the M7CMS without connecting IP address.
2) Fixed bug of CamID and PIN used, play, and download the playback is a black screen.

v4.0.5.8 (Released on 06/28/2018)
What’s New:
1) Added 5MP camera wifi settings configuration in M7CMS.
2) Added 5MP camera wifi settings in Cam Locator configuration.

v4.0.5.7 (Released on 06/03/2018)
What’s New:
1) Added 5MP camera settings wired configuration in M7CMS.
2) Added 5MP camera settings wired in the Cam Locator configuration.

v4.0.5.6 (Released on 03/09/2018)
What’s New:
Fixed the bug.

v4.0.5.5 (Released on 03/07/2018)
What’s New:
1. add a camera, default ‘Access type’ set CamID & PIN
2. The cameras have a motion alert icon and audio icon ‘ON’ where the computer connects to cameras as a local network.

v4.0.5.4 (released on 01/03/2018)
What’s New:
Add new model MYM71080i-INDOOR with PTZ controller and PTZ Settings configuration page as well.

1. Add query CamID associated with local network IP address access to live stream.
2. Move up and down for the display of camera orders.

v4.0.5.3 (released on 12/14/2017)
What’s New:
Fixed bugs:
1. Cam Locator can’t find the camera is fixed.
2. Multiple network adapters that cause the searching and finding camera issue is fixed.
3. The video does not display when playback whole screen existed, it has been fixed.
4. The audio button is shown in the middle of the screen when the video on the SD card playback and stop playing, it is fixed.

v4.0.5.2 (released on 10/09/2017)
What’s New:
Add “Sequen Interval” and “Sequence Full Screen” in the Configuration menu. It has one flash when it is switching the full screen.
Fixed bug: When starting Sequence, then the video goes full-screen display, then video full-screen exit, video display misplace on the screen. The bug is fixed.

v4.0.5.1 (released on 09/21/2017)
What’s New:
Allow live video stream with sound if you select adding camera via CamID and PIN in the CMS.

v4.0.5 (released on 08/28/2017)
What’s New:
Improve group switch speed from one group to another group. Enhance search in Cam Locator, now when you click on “Stop,” it goes much smoother. Add features on -A- and -B- firmware version F2.0.9. Add IR “Smart mode.” When clicking on “Smart mode,” the IR light is off, and you can install the camera behind the window glass, and install an external IR light on the other side of the window. Modify the “Turn off” mode. When you are clicking on the “Turn off” mode, the camera will keep 24 hours daylight mode.

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