How To Do Inline Playing Clips And Download Clips From microSD Card On The Computer

How to retrieve clips from microSD card

Step 1. Open Microseven CMS, you have set up video ready in CMS. Then you will select a video, move the mouse on it. Do right mouse button click to bring up a popup window (camera properties window)

move the mouse on the selected video

Step 2. Check if the camera has a microSD card in it.

check if the microSD card in the camera

Step 3. Go to “Recording” and “Record Query”, then click on “Query”.

click on

Step 4. Find a clip, highlight it, and double click on the clip to bring up an inline playback video clip in the inline player.

highlight it and open a inline player

Step 5. An inline player is playing clips.

playing inline clip

Step 6. You can choice download a clip or all clips from a camera to your PC.

record clip from camera to your computer