How To Add A Camera To Microseven CMS (CamID/PIN) Session 2

How To Add A Camera To Microseven CMS (CamID/PIN) Session 2

Step 1. Double click on Microseven CMS icon

double click on

Step 2. When Microseven CMS window opened, click on “Add Camera …”


Step 3. A popup dialogue window opened, select on “Add Camera” and click “OK”

popup window1

Step 4. Enter CamID and PIN (1 & 2 on the snapshot). You can find it in a mobile app for CamID and PIN if the camera is a remote location. (How to find the CamID and PIN at the mobile app)

select a camera after search the cameras

Step 5. Make sure all the information are added correctly at all fields, then click on “Add”

click add to add a camera

Step 6. A camera added, click “OK”


Step 7. Click “OK” on the pop-up window to add another camera or “Close”

click close

Step 8. Finished

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