What’s New: Microseven for Mac (v2.1.27) (Released on 4/29/2022)

Microseven for Mac (v2.1.27) (Released on 4/29/2022)
What’s New:
Updated for new hardware and updated the codec library.

Previews versions:

v2.1.26 (Released on 7/1/2020)
What’s New:
Fix bug running on macOS Catalina Version 10.15.5.

v2.1.25 (Released on 3/30/2020)
What’s New:
Optimize the program and speed the network connection between the cameras and CMS.

v2.1.24 (Released on 10/23/2019)
What’s New:
1. Compatible with macOS Catalina v10.15.1.
2. Fixed record searching and snapshot searching.

v2.1.23 (Released on 9/12/2019)
What’s New:
1. MYM75MP-HX: Motion alert recording via FTP requires an SD card installed.
2. MYM75MP-HX-VB: Allow IR light switch off and on while the camera is in the night vision mode.

v2.1.22 (Released on 8/9/2019)
What’s New:
Adjusted motion zones size for the MYM75MP-HX model in the system.

v2.1.21 (Released on 7/18/2019)
What’s New:
Add and integrate two types of cameras MYM71080i-A-PTZ20XS and MYM75MP-HX to the app.

v2.1.20 (Released on 12/25/2018)
What’s New:
Fixed bug: DHCP address displayed Static IP format.
Fixed bug: Don’t display the Pin Code while doing the search.
Add a new pan-tilt-zoom optical 20X zoom camera in the new release.
The OSD position can work with a new pan-tilt-zoom optical 20X zoom camera in the new release.

v2.1.19 (Released on 06/05/2018)
What’s New:
Add the MYM75MP device type in the new release.

v2.1.18 (Released on 03/12/2018)
What’s New:
Fixed the bug. Add the ‘Add/Delete Cam…’ button.

v2.1.17 (Released on 03/07/2018)
What’s New:
Add a camera, default ‘Access type’ set CamID & PIN.

v2.1.16 (released on 12/27/2017)
What’s New:
Add query CamID associated with local network IP address access to live stream.
Fixed bug:
PTZ camera model added to the Cam Locator.
USER has only an Admin account available in the PTZ camera due to the security enforcement.

v2.1.15 (released on 12/19/2017)
What’s New:
Add new model MYM71080i-INDOOR with PTZ controller and PTZ Settings configuration page as
Fixed bug: Can’t find a camera using the virtual network card.

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