How To Install M7D77-PTZV20X-WPSAA Pan-Tilt-Zoom Security Camera

 Download How to install M7D77-PTZV20X-WPSAA pan-tilt-zoom security camera 1. Bracket installation: The camera harness cable has to go through the bracket. There are three screws for the bracket top to tie the bracket and camera. 2. What comes within the package:   3. Install the MicroSD card. Use PH1 x 60 unscrew back panel 4x … Continue Reading

How To Add A Camera To Synoloy NAS

1. Find the Microseven security camera IP address in the local network. 2. Add the camera to Synology NAS, Enter the camera IP address. Select ONVIF generic camera. The ONVIF port for the Microseven camera is 8080, you can find the ONVIF port information in the camera settings, CAMERA -> ONVIF Settings page. [Microseven 1080p … Continue Reading

How To Copy & Paste The Embed Code To Your Site

How to copy & paste the embed code to your site Go to log in your account in Then go to “My Camera Settings”, click on “Embed” link on the column “Live Stream Status HTML5”

How To Record The Video On NVR (v2) With Audio

How to record the video on NVR (version 2.0) with audio? 1. You have to select a digital in the dropdown while you are adding a camera. 2. You have to check the audio box in the recording setting.

How To Set Up The NVR v2

Hardware setup 1. Get a monitor ready. 2. Connect a HDMI cable to the NVR from the monitor. 3. Connect an Ethernet cable to the NVR from router. Connect a mouse to the USB on the NVR. 4. Connect the power cord to NVR to start the boot screen and wait for 60 seconds. 5. … Continue Reading

What Is The URL Of Two 5MP Cameras

The URL of two 5MP cameras – M7B5MP-POE and M7D5MP-POE: [] = [camera_ip_address] If you do not want the camera enter in the pop up window every time while you are using the URL, you can set the credential in the URL: http://[username:password]@[camera_ip_address]:[http_port]/jpgimage/1/image.jpg Example: http://admin:password@


RTSP URL RTSP://[username]:[password]@[camera_ip_address]:[rtsp_port]/11 /11 is a primary stream /12 is a secondary stream Example: RTSP:// If the camera IP address is — The discontinued model: RTSP://[username]:[password]@[camera_ip_address]:[rtsp_port]/stream0 /stream0 is a primary stream /stream1 is a secondary stream

How Audio Works

1) Internet browser: Open a browser window for the camera configuration built-in web, click on the ‘STEAM’ button. The sound can play in the video. 2) Use the app on the phone: Open a camera video live streaming. The Mic button is below the video, you can turn it on/off to talk. You can listen … Continue Reading

How to mount M7D5M-POE camera

How to mount M7D5M-POE dome camera: What the package has in it. 1) Drill template 2) Star-tipped L-wrench 3) Screws 4) Plastic anchors 5) Camera Step1: Peel off and place a drill template where the camera will be installed. Step2: Open the front cover glass from the camera. Step3: Mount three screws on the place … Continue Reading