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How To Use M7 Protocol Adding Cam To M7NVR-5MP08 NVR

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How To Use M7 Protocol Adding Cam To M7NVR-5MP08 NVR

Add a cam via M7(P2) is an automatically added through searching, cam name and password method. All the information must be correct while it is added.

Step1. Click on right button on the mouse to bring up the bottom-bar. Then, click on cam-icon to add a camera to the NVR.

Step2. Let us delete a camera in the system with ONVIF, and add the same camera using M7 (P2) protocol. The camera IP address is in this example.

Step3. Now, click on the ‘Search’ button to add a camera to the system.

Step4. Find the camera IP address, check on the row in the checkbox. Then click on ‘Add’.

Step5. The ‘Add’ is clicked.

Step6. Fill out the camera name and camera password. The default camera name: ‘admin’ and camera password: ‘password.’

Step7. Use a virtual keyboard to enter the camera credential.

Step8. Click ‘Ok’ to save.

Step9. Now the camera IP is added. Protocol is M7 (P2) and Status is ‘Connect success.’ Then click on ‘Exit’ to complete.

Step10. A camera is added using M7 (P2).

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