How To Make Alert Zones [smart zones] To Trigger The Motion Event Alert To Record To An SD Card

How To Make Alert Zones To Trigger The Motion For An SD Card Recording

Step 1. Find camera in cam locator

find a camera in cam locator

Step 2. Log in to a camera, “admin/password” is a default ‘User name’ and ‘Password’. You use your own if you have changed it.

enter camera login name and password

Step 3. Click on “Camera Setup”

click on camera setup

Step 4. Select alert zone(s). Click on the video and hold the mouse button and drag the mouse to make a zone. The max zones are four.

select alert zone(s)

Step 5. If you have a micro SD card in the camera, then check on a checked box “Record To SD Card.” Click on “APPLY” to save your settings.

click apply to save the settings