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How to keep the downloaded firmware from the link ‘HERE’ in Gmail

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1) When you click on ‘HERE’ in a Gmail, you will see the bottom status bar showing a red triangle mark and a warning ‘This type of file can harm your computer. Do you want to keep MYM7….pkg anyway?’. Go ahead to click on ‘Show All.’

2) A new ‘Downloads’ screen in the chrome browser popups. You go to click ‘KEEP.’

3) After, you can see the new firmware can download on your file folder. The upgrading firmware can be processed using it.

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May 3rd, 2018 at 7:32 pm

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How To Fix View Microseven Cameras On Its App While M7NVR Blocked Stream Feed?

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1) Go to the NVR monitor screen, use a mouse to click on the ‘IP Device’ icon:

2) Leave ‘Auto Add’ box unchecked (Make it an empty checked box):

3) Check all camera checked the box, and click ‘Delete All’ to delete all cameras on the monitor screen:

4) Click the ‘OK’ button on the popup window:

5) Empty all camera in the list:

Now, use your computer to re-configure the camera IP address as DHCP mode. If you don’t have a computer, you can use your phone to re-configure the camera IP address as DHCP mode.

Use a computer: (if you don’t have a computer or want to use a phone to re-configure the camera IP address as DHCP mode, go to Step 13)):

6) Go to your computer, open Cam Locator software on your computer. Search cameras, highlight and click on a camera after you find all the cameras. And then click on ‘Network Setup’:

7) A window pops up. Select ‘Enable DHCP’, check it on the checked box and click on ‘Apply’. Then click ‘Close’:

Go back to the NVR to add cameras there.


8) Open ‘IP Devices’ windows, click on search:

9) Cameras will be finding and showing the Mac address and Protocols, it needs about 30 – 60 seconds to complete the search function until you have all the information on ‘Physical Address’ column: (Please wait for about 30-60 seconds)

10) Then you click the cameras to add them to the NVR. Click ‘Add All’ or ‘Add’:

11) It will pop up a credential mini window, after entering the admin’s password, click ‘OK’ and click on ‘Exit’ button.

12) After completed Step 11), you will add a camera into Microseven app on the phone.
Go to page how to add a camera to the Microseven app.

If you don’t have a computer, or you want to use your phone to re-configure the camera IP address. Here is the instruction shows you how to do it:

13) Download app from the App Store or Google Play store. After you install the app, open it. Tap on the menu, then select ‘Search Cameras’, and tap on it:

14) Select ‘NETWORK SETUP’on app:

15) Make it DHCP and click on Checked mark/Save button:

16) Click ‘Yes’

17) Click ‘OK’

18) You click on the ‘Refresh’ icon, the IP address is changed. Tap on ‘+’ to add a camera:

19) Next page, you will give a name to a camera and tap the checked mark to save the re-configuration.

20) Go to the App menu again. Now you click on ‘Live Cameras.’

21) Tap on a camera you have just entered:

22) The live feed is displayed on the monitor screen.

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May 1st, 2018 at 3:11 am

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