How To Fix View Microseven Cameras On Its App While M7NVR Blocked Stream Feed?

1) Go to the NVR monitor screen, use a mouse to click on the ‘IP Device’ icon:

2) Leave ‘Auto Add’ box unchecked (Make it an empty checked box):

3) Check all camera checked the box, and click ‘Delete All’ to delete all cameras on the monitor screen:

4) Click the ‘OK’ button on the popup window:

5) Empty all camera in the list:

Now, use your computer to re-configure the camera IP address as DHCP mode. If you don’t have a computer, you can use your phone to re-configure the camera IP address as DHCP mode.

Use a computer: (if you don’t have a computer or want to use a phone to re-configure the camera IP address as DHCP mode, go to Step 13)):

6) Go to your computer, open Cam Locator software on your computer. Search cameras, highlight and click on a camera after you find all the cameras. And then click on ‘Network Setup’:

7) A window pops up. Select ‘Enable DHCP’, check it on the checked box and click on ‘Apply’. Then click ‘Close’:

Go back to the NVR to add cameras there.


8) Open ‘IP Devices’ windows, click on search:

9) Cameras will be finding and showing the Mac address and Protocols, it needs about 30 – 60 seconds to complete the search function until you have all the information on ‘Physical Address’ column: (Please wait for about 30-60 seconds)

10) Then you click the cameras to add them to the NVR. Click ‘Add All’ or ‘Add’:

11) It will pop up a credential mini window, after entering the admin’s password, click ‘OK’ and click on ‘Exit’ button.

12) After completed Step 11), you will add a camera into Microseven app on the phone.
Go to page how to add a camera to the Microseven app.

If you don’t have a computer, or you want to use your phone to re-configure the camera IP address. Here is the instruction shows you how to do it:

13) Download app from the App Store or Google Play store. After you install the app, open it. Tap on the menu, then select ‘Search Cameras’, and tap on it:

14) Select ‘NETWORK SETUP’on app:

15) Make it DHCP and click on Checked mark/Save button:

16) Click ‘Yes’

17) Click ‘OK’

18) You click on the ‘Refresh’ icon, the IP address is changed. Tap on ‘+’ to add a camera:

19) Next page, you will give a name to a camera and tap the checked mark to save the re-configuration.

20) Go to the App menu again. Now you click on ‘Live Cameras.’

21) Tap on a camera you have just entered:

22) The live feed is displayed on the monitor screen.