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How To Set A Motion Detection Recording On NVR (v2)

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How to set a motion detection recording on NVR (version 2.0)?

1) Click on the right mouse button to open a menu window. Go and click on ‘Configure’.

2) Click on ‘Event Setup’ option.

3) The ‘Event Setup’ window is opened, select ‘Motion Detection’ from the dropdown list.

4) Select ‘Enable’, event record ‘CH01’ for the first camera, and then click OK.

5) Some of those cameras are getting a message ‘Get Advance Fail’ while the ‘Setup’ button clicked. You need to go the the IP camera to set up the motion area.

Here is the reference for how to do?

How To Make Alert Zone(s) [smart zone] To Trigger The Motion Event Alert To Record To An SD Card

6) Go to option ‘Record Setup’.

7) Select CH01 event record, checked ‘Record’ in the ‘Event Record’ and click ‘OK’ at ‘Continuous Record’ in the Record Setup window. Checked on Audio box if the IP camera has an audio or two-way audio.

8) Go to tag ‘Schedule Record’ in the Record Setup window.

9) Select the date and time in the table for motion detection recording. Click ‘A’ (Scheme1) then click on ‘Setup…’ button.

10) Select Ch01 IP camera in the ‘Scheme1’ window. Checked ‘Record’ box. Set Pre-Alarm and Post-Alarm interval time, the maximum Pre-Alarm interval is 3 seconds, and Post-Alarm interval is 100 seconds. Then Checked on ‘Audio’ box and ‘Motion Detect’ box. Click ‘OK’ to complete the motion alert recording setting.

11) You can see the motion alert notification appears at the corner. The setup works.

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January 11th, 2019 at 1:26 am

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How To Make And Schedule The NVR (v2) Auto Reboot

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How to make and schedule the NVR (version 2.0) auto reboot?

1) Use the mouse right button click on the screen to bring up a pop-up menu. Then click ‘Configure.’

2) Once the ‘System Setup’ window is opened. Select ‘Auto Reboot’ mode option.

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January 10th, 2019 at 8:39 pm

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How To View The Playback On NVR (v2)

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How to view the playback videos on NVR (version 2)?

1) Use the mouse, click on the right button on the mouse to open a pop-up menu window. And left button click on ‘Playback.’

2) To find the right playback video, you can select the Calendar.

3) Next, you can select a camera or ‘All’ cameras.

4) Next, you can select the playback time in the timeline.

5) After you define your playback, you can play, forward, rewind, and screens to view playback in the playback controls.

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January 10th, 2019 at 11:39 am

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How To Backup A Playback On The Computer HDD NVR (v2)

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How to backup a playback on the computer HDD from NVR (version 2.0)?

1) Use the right mouse button and click to open a pop-up menu. Click on ‘Backup.’

2) Log in to the admin account, enter the password.

3) Select the playback start date and time you want to back up on the computer HDD.

4) Set an end date and time. You can fill out a number on the time field.

5) An end date and time setup completed. Click checked mark to save.

6) Now select a camera or multiple cameras to backup.

7) Click on ‘Calculate’ to find out the backup file size.

8) Select a folder where you want the backup to your computer.

9) An open window pop-up to select the folder name and click ‘Open.’ NVR playback videos will be backing up to its folder.

10) It is ready to back up the playback to the computer. The free space size of your computer HDD shows on the screen as well.

11) Click on ‘Backup’ button to backup the playback video on your computer now.

12) The taskbar shows up while the backup is processing and wait, it may take a while.

13) The message ‘Backup success’ window is pop-up once the backup is completed. Click ‘OK.’

14) You go back to your computer folder to find the backup file(s) in its folder. You can use any player to play the file. I recommend using the VLC player. The backup file is an mp4 file format.

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January 10th, 2019 at 2:55 am

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How To Activate A Free One-day Cloud Storage

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How to activate free one-day cloud storage?


  1. Go to www.microseven.com, log in to your portal, if you do not have an account, you can create one.
    Go to ‘My Cameras’ -> ‘Cloud Record Settings’ -> ‘Add a new plan’ -> select a free one-day cloud storage version. You have three cameras per request, and it is unlimited.
  2. Go to ‘Action’ column in the table to click ‘Set up recording…’ and add the cameras you want to record in the cloud.


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January 1st, 2019 at 1:10 pm

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