How To Backup A Playback On Your Computer From NVR (v2)

How to backup a playback on your computer from NVR (version 2.0)?

Before you back up the videos from NVR to your Windows PC, you have to do the following steps:

a) You need to download the NVR windows software from the NVR or from, here is the link and download from Then you will run the program on your PC.
b) You need to know the NVR IP address, you can find it from Cam Locator software or from NVR.

To find the NVR IP address on the NVR, you move your mouse on the “System Information” and click on it.

Open it, to find the NVR IP address.

c) You enter the IP address in the NVR windows software.

Now you are ready to save the backup video from NVR to your Windows PC.

1) Use the right mouse button and click to open the NVR menu. Click on “Backup”.

2) Log in to the admin account, enter the password (if you have your own NVR password, use your own NVR password).

3) Select the playback start date and time you want to back up on the computer.

4) Select an end date and time. You can fill out a number on the time field.

5) After you select the start and end date and time, click the checked mark to save the settings.

6) Now select one camera or multiple cameras to backup.

7) Click on ‘Calculate’ to find out the backup file size.

8) Select a folder where you want the backup to your computer.

9) When you click on the “Folder”, a window opens. Select the folder name and click “Open” (The NVR playback video save to the folder).

10) It is ready to back up the playback video to the computer. The backup required space size from your computer hard disk shows on the screen as well.

11) Click on the ‘Backup’ button to backup the playback video on your computer now.

12) The taskbar shows up while the backup is processing and wait, it may take a while.

13) The message “Backup success” window pops up when the backup process is completed. Click ‘OK.’

14) You go back to your computer folder to find the backup file in the folder. You can use any player to play the file. I recommend using the VLC player. The backup file is an mp4 file format.

If you have any questions, you can make a comment below.

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