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What’s New Microseven Recorder – Windows (v2.0.6)

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Microseven Recorder – Windows (v2.0.6.1)

What’s New (v2.0.6.1) (2/27/2019)
Add commands in DOS prompt:
Three option:
1) -exit
2) -stop_rec
3) -start_rec

-exit is to exit the program; -stop_rect is to stop the recording; and -start_rec is to start the recording.
Example of making a batch file:
@echo off
echo stop rec
“C:\Program Files (x86)\M7RSS-HD\M7RSS-HD.exe” -stop_rec
echo sleep 10 seconds
ping -n 1 -w 10000 > nul
echo start rec
“C:\Program Files (x86)\M7RSS-HD\M7RSS-HD.exe” -start_rec
echo finish

What’s New (v2.0.6) (2/11/2019)
Bugs fixed.
1. 5MP cameras playback video can be removed automatically in [x] days where you set it.
2. System settings / Add Camera, fixed warning info popup while the incorrect info is entered.

What’s New (v2.0.5) (1/29/2019):
Bug fixed.

What’s New (v2.0.4) (1/28/2019):
New version v2.0.4 can record M7B5MP-POE and M7D5MP-POE camera.

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