How To Reset The NVR Password

How to reset the NVR password?

The default factory NVR password is “password” and its username is “admin”.
user = admin
password = password

If you have changed the NVR password and get it lost. You have to email to support team to request a factory administrator password. You will receive the password from the team.

After you have the factory administrator password, you have to log on to your NVR via the monitor which connects to the NVR. Enter the factory password. When you succeed to log into the NVR. You must do the following steps. Then you can change the NVR password to your own password after you complete the password reset process.

Step1, move the mouse on the screen, and right mouse button click, select “Configure”.

Step2, click on “System Setup”.

Step3, click on “Utility”.

Step4, click on “Reset Configuration…”

Step5, after resetting the NVR, the factory default password is “password”.

The password reset is completed after Step5. You then can do your own password on the NVR. Make a comment below if you have any questions regarding the post.