How To A Camera Via NVR Channel To The App – NVR Works with Alexa

NVR works with Alexa


1. Open Microseven app, tap on “+” to add a camera via NVR:

2. Scan QR Code, there is a stick on the box or NVR. If you do not find it, you will do manually adding a camera:

3. On the “Add A Camera” screen, enter 1) camera name, 2) CamID [It is the NVR CamID (NVR CamID and PIN can be found in the Cam Locator)], 3) PIN 4) Select the channel number of the camera on NVR, 5) tap on the “Camera Credential”:

4. Enter the NVR credential, the default NVR username is ‘admin’ and its password is ‘password’. Then tap on the right top corner checkmark to save the settings:

5. Tap the right top corner checkmark again to save the settings:

6. The screen turns back to “Live Cameras”. And now tap on the icon that the camera is just added.

7. The app is playing the live streaming video.