How To Set Up Camera Wifi Via Cam Hotspot Using A Phone

How to set up camera wifi via cam hotspot using a phone

1. Hold the reset button on the camera harness cable for 20 seconds until popping up the sound if the camera has a speaker.

2. Find the Settings icon, tap on it to open Settings.

3. Tap on the Connections on the Settings screen.

4. Tap on the Wi-Fi menu on the Connections screen.

5. The Microseven-1083D200xxxx network displays on the Wi-Fi screen. Select and tap on it.

6. Enter the camera Microseven-1083D200xxxx wifi network password. The password is 12345678. Then tap on the Connect button.

7. The camera hotspot wifi network is connected after a few seconds.

8. The status of the camera hotspot wifi is connected.

9. Go back to the screen, find the Microseven app icon and tap on it to open the app.

10. Tap on the Cam Locator on the login screen.

11. The camera is found on the list on the Search Cameras screen. Then tap the WiFi Settings icon to set up a wifi connection.

12. The first of all, tap on Wireless mode. The second, select Station while the Wireless mode window pops up.

13. The next, tap on the Search icon to find Wi-Fi SSID from the wifi router.

14. Tap on the Join button after you find the wifi connection.

15. The SSID may display in the SSID field automatically. Enter the wifi router’s password where the wifi network you want to connect. Next, tap on the checkmark to make connecting to the wifi router. Please wait for 10 seconds and the camera pops up a sound. Most of the time, after 10 seconds, the camera hotspot wifi is going to disconnect. You will go to the phone screen after disconnecting from the camera hotspot wifi network.

16. Go back to the screen, find the Microseven app icon and tap on it to open the app.

17. Enter your email address and login password on the Microseven app. And tap on the SIGN IN button.

18. Tap on Menu icon, and select Search Cameras.

19. Find the wifi camera and tap on Add A Cam.

20. Enter the Title, and tap on the checkmark to add the camera on the app.

21. Tap on Menu, and select the Live Cameras. to go back to the Live Cameras screen.

22. Find the camera just added, and tap on the new camera icon to play the live stream video.

23. Play the live streaming video on the app.


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