How To Recover The CamID And PIN

How to recover the CamID and PIN

1. Run Cam Locator on your computer, and find the camera that you want to recover the CamID and PIN if there are missed in the camera. Write down the camera IP address.

2. Download the recovery zip file from You can email our tech support dept to get the download link.

3. After you download the file, unzip the zip file. Run the executable file.

4. When the recovery window opens, you enter the camera IP address in the ‘Camera IP:’ The camera you want to recover the CamID and PIN.

5. Click ‘Set’ to save the CamID and PIN in the camera.

6. Select ‘Close’ to close the window.

7. Rerun Cam Locator, and check the CamID and PIN on the camera. You can see the CamID and PIN recovered.

8. Reboot the camera to have the new CamID and PIN activated.