How To Restore The Camera’s CamID And PIN

1. Run and open the Cam Locator window.  Find the camera that needs to restore its CamID and PIN. Write the IP address of the camera down on the note.

2. Download the restore program from (request to by email if you need to restore the CamID and PIN). The Tech support team will send you a link to download your camera restore program. The link looks like [].

3. After you download the program zip file on your PC. Unzip the zip file. And run the executable restore file in the folder.

4. Enter the camera IP address where you get it from the Cam Locator in the Camera IP field. And click ‘Set’.

5. Check if the camera CamID and PIN are recovered. Click on ‘Query’. The CamID and PIN appear in the ID-PIN Code field. Then click “Close’ to close the window.

6. Run the Cam Locator, do a search camera again. You can find the camera CamID and PIN recovered.