How To Play And Download The Playback From The Cloud

Play and Download The Playback From Cloud

1.  Use the browser base to view the playback and download it from the cloud video recorder:

1.1 Login to your portal, go to ‘My Cameras’ -> ‘My Camera Settings’ from the dropdown. Then click on ‘View Playback…’

1.2 Play the playback and download from the timeline.

2 Phone App base to view the playback from the cloud video recorder:

2.1 Login to your account on the app, go to ‘Live Cameras,’ tap on the ‘Settings.’

2.2 Tap on the ‘Alerts History With Clips’ to view the playback on the cloud.

2.3 You can go playing the playback and downloading it from the cloud.

2.4 Tap on ‘Play’ to play the playback.


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