How To Test The Camera With Your PC

How to test the camera with your PC

1. Turn off your laptop wifi if you have wifi on.

2. Power on the camera using a power 12V DC adapter. Connect the camera to your PC ethernet port via a Cat5E cable. Make sure the power on the camera and ethernet cable connected to the PC ethernet port.

3. Go to PC network setting to make your PC a static IP address:

a) Go to Network and Sharing Center, click on Ethernet.

b) It opens the Ethernet Properties window. Highlight the “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)”. And click on the Properties button.

c) You will select “Use the following IP address:”, then enter the following IP address and Subnet mask value in the fields and click OK to save the settings.

IP address:
Subnet mask:

4. Open the Cam Locator software. Do a search for the camera. You will find two IP addresses in the Cam Locator software list. If the camera you set a static IP address in it, you may switch it to the DHCP, or you will simply reset the camera. The camera factory’s default IP address is and DHCP mode.

5. Highlight the camera, double click on it to open the camera system in a browser.

The camera log in default is: admin/password

6. Now you can go ahead to go to SYSTEM -> Log

7. Test a ping in your PC dos prompt:

ping -t

8. If the ping result without any timeout, the camera is running healthy. You can find the SYSTEM log if the camera is up and running.

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