How To Recover The CamID And PIN

How to recover the CamID and PIN 1. Run Cam Locator on your computer, and find the camera that you want to recover the CamID and PIN if there are missed in the camera. Write down the camera IP address. 2. Download the recovery zip file from You can email our tech support dept … Continue Reading

How To Switch H.264 To H.265 Video Format

How to switch H.264 to H.265 video format on 5MP camera Find a camera from Cam Locator, open it use the camera IP address in a browser. Then click on ‘LIVE VIEW’, enter the URL below in the URL field at the same screen. 1. H.264 -> H.265 http://[the_ip_address_of_the_camera]/param.cgi?cmd=setvideoattr&-profile=3 2. H.265 -> H.264 http://[the_ip_address_of_the_camera]/param.cgi?cmd=setvideoattr&-profile=1 Example, … Continue Reading

How To Setup Camera Wifi Via Cam Hotspot Using A PC

How to set up camera Wifi via the camera hotspot using a PC 1.  Power on the camera ONLY without an Ethernet cable connected. 2. Reset the camera for 15 seconds until you hear the bee sound. 3. Use a laptop computer, go to wifi setting on your PC, search a Wifi. Find a wifi … Continue Reading