How To Control PTZ In Blue Iris

How to add a camera in Blue Iris that can control the PTZ function in the Blue Iris software. You will need ONVIF to do it. 1. Add a new camera, enter the full name and short name, then select “Network IP” in Type. 2. Use Cam Locator to find the camera IP address. The … Read more

How To Uncheck Video Preservation On NVR

How to make Video Preservation (Hour) unchecked. 1. Go to “Configure” [move the mouse on the monitor screen and right-click on]. 2. Select “Storage” in the Configure menu screen. 3.  Uncheck, and leave the “Video Preservation (Hours)” blank. Default is unchecked.

How To Upgrade NVR Firmware Using Your PC

How to upgrade NVR firmware using your PC 1. Run the Cam Locator software on your PC. Find the NVR local IP address. For example, here it is The default port is 80. 2. Run iWatch software on the PC. You can download it from the NVR or you can download it from … Read more

User Guides – How-To

How to set up a camera How to set up wifi camera Set up wifi using an Ethernet cable initially Set up wifi using the camera hotspot wifi network (new) via a phone Set up wifi using the camera hotspot wifi network (new) via a PC How to make motion-activated alert zones on the camera … Read more