How To Upgrade NVR Firmware Using Your PC

How to upgrade NVR firmware using your PC

1. Run the Cam Locator software on your PC. Find the NVR local IP address. For example, here it is The default port is 80.

2. Run iWatch software on the PC. You can download it from the NVR or you can download it from

3. Open the program, enter the NVR local IP address in the Host field. The example is and selects port 80. Then enter the NVR User name and Password.

4. After the NVR interface pops up, you will do the right mouse button click on the screenshot, then select the “Configure” button.

5. Then you select “System Setup”.

6. In the “System Setup” screenshot, you go to select and click on the “Utility” button.

7. Then go to select and click on “Upgrade Firmware” on the “Utility” pop-up screen.

8. Select “Upgrade from PC..” from the dropdown list.

9. Open the explorer screen on your PC, find the download firmware file.
The 16ch NVR is the firmware nameof: makemake_xi-MicroSeven-2.0b1_[date].fw
The 8 ch NVR is the firmware name of:makemake_x-MicroSeven-2.0b1_[date].fw

10. After selecting the correct firmware file, go to click OK to upgrade the firmware. Leave the NVR on and don’t interrupt the updating and wait. Watch the NVR monitor screen until the upgrade complete.