How To Use PC or macOS To Manage NVR Videos

How to use PC or macOS to manage new model of NVR device videos: Download the PC app or macOS app GuardStation_Win64-B1130.3.12.0(IN).exe GuardStation_Mac-B1113.3.10.1(IN) GuardStation_Video_Management_Software_User_Manual-V1.11.pdf NVR_Quick_Start_Guide_new_1.2.pdf Network Video Recorders User Manual-V1.14_Full.pdf The NVR initial username and password: username: admin password: 123456 You will ONLY select Microseven NVR to add to the device manager, and the videos … Continue Reading

How To Use Special RECALL Command For PTZ Camera

How to re-focus lens for PTZ camera You have to do the following two steps: Enter 111, then click on RECALL. Enter 222, then click on RECALL. How to initialize the PTZ board in the camera You have to do twice below the command: Enter 64, then click on RECALL Enter 62, then click on … Continue Reading

How To Activate Embedded Code For Third Party Website

How To Activate Embedded Code For Third Party Website 3 Steps: 1. Activate the feature 2. Settings 3. Add the domain name [domain format is or and based on the hosting name of the website]

How To Stream An IP Camera to YouTube: A Step-by-Step Guide

Streaming an IP camera to YouTube is one of the best ways to live stream events. It is efficient and secure. You can go live on the popular video platform and get as many people involved without giving them access to your security camera. Today you can use Microseven IP cameras to stream live on … Continue Reading