How To Use PC or macOS To Manage NVR Videos

How to use PC or macOS to manage new model of NVR device videos:

Download the PC app or macOS app

  1. GuardStation_Win64-B1130.3.12.0(IN).exe
  2. GuardStation_Mac-B1113.3.10.1(IN)
  3. GuardStation_Video_Management_Software_User_Manual-V1.11.pdf
  4. NVR_Quick_Start_Guide_new_1.2.pdf
  5. Network Video Recorders User Manual-V1.14_Full.pdf

The NVR initial username and password:

username: admin
password: 123456

You will ONLY select Microseven NVR to add to the device manager, and the videos will appear on the computer.

Microseven NVR instruction 1

Microseven NVR instruction 2