The New Android 64bit App Not Support Old Android Device And Download The Latest 32bit Version App

The updated Android app 64bit is required by Google. The 32bit old device is not supported in the new Google Android requirement. Your old device with 32bit is not compatible with the new Google API. The M7.AS-2.0.23.apk is the latest 32bit version app and built on 1/24/2019. To fix the problem, you can completely uninstall … Read more

How To Adjust Lens On Model #M7D77-POESA

How to adjust the lens if you want to very closer object, say 4 inches? Step1: Open the glass cover: Step2: Find the locks and slots nearby the black lens: Step3: Release the lock and separate the black lens cover from the base, then unscrew the lens and turn the lens to adjust it. Step4: … Read more

How To Reset The NVR Password

How to reset the NVR password? The default factory NVR password is “password” and its username is “admin”. user = admin password = password If you have changed the NVR password and get it lost. You have to email to support team to request a factory administrator password. You will receive the password from the … Read more

How To Use The FTP And Keep The Same Filename

How to use the FTP to push the image to the FTP server? How to keep the same file name while FTP an image to the FTP server? Step1 Go to menu ‘CAPTURE& SNAPSHOT’. Step2 Enable auto capture to FTP. Step3 Select ‘File mode’ to ‘Overwrite’. Step4 Select ‘XL’ if you want the largest image … Read more

How To Adjust NVR Timestamp

How to adjust the timestamp on NVR? Step1: Go to the monitor and use the mouse, right button on the mouse clicks to bring up the floating menu, then tap on the Configure icon. Step2: Tap on the ‘System Setup’ on the menu. Step3: Find the ‘Date/Time Setup…’ button and click on it. Step4: Adjust … Read more

How To Prevent 24/7 Recording On A MicroSD Card

How to prevent 24/7 recording on a microSD card in the camera? It will take too much space on the microSD card during the camera recording, it happens that you set up a 24/7 recording on the camera recording option. To prevent 24/7 recording on a microSD card, and you allow the camera ONLY record … Read more

How To Make A Payment In Your Portal

How to make a payment in your portal? 1) Go to 2) After you log in to your portal, you will go menu ‘MY Cameras’, ‘Order History’, then on the Order History page, click on ‘Make payment’. Follow the page one step by one step to complete the payment.