How To Make A Payment In Your Portal

How to make a payment in your portal? 1) Go to 2) After you log in to your portal, you will go menu ‘MY Cameras’, ‘Order History’, then on the Order History page, click on ‘Make payment’. Follow the page one step by one step to complete the payment.  

How To Set Up DHCP And Static IP Address On The Camera

There are four ways to set up a camera DHCP and static IP address. Use a Windows computer with Cam Locator Use a Mac computer with Cam Locator Use the camera system on a browser Use the phone app with Cam Locator 1. Use a Windows computer with Cam Locator Step1. Open a Cam Locator … Continue Reading

How To Make Raid10 On Supermicro 2U Server

How to make Raid10? Step1: Power on the power, and start the server Raid10 configuration. When you see the Supermicro logo on the screen, hit key Ctrl+H. Step2: You are now in the MegaRaid con  

How To Use A Command Line In Windows To Set Recording On/Off

How to use a command line in Windows to set recording off/on. Download M7RSS-HSSetup2.0.6.1.exe from the download page. There are three options: -exit  //exit the program -stop_rec  //stop recording -start_rec //start recording If you want to make a task in the Windows, you can make the batch. Here is the example to help you: //——- … Continue Reading

How To Connect The Microphone In Two Methods On Any Applications?

How to connect the microphone in two methods on any application? The microphone should work in any environment. 1) Power on the microphone, the power supply is 12V DC. 2) If you convert RCA to 3.5mm you can use a converter 3) If the receiver is analog, you must need an amplifier box. Then … Continue Reading

How To Display Bitrate On Live Streaming From Your Camera

How to display bitrate on live streaming from your camera Display bitrate info on live streaming from the camera Open the pop-up by clicking the right button of the mouse, then select the ‘Display bit rate’. Hid bitrate info on the live stream from the camera. Open the pop-up by clicking the right button of … Continue Reading

What’s New Microseven Recorder – Windows (v2.0.6.5)(3/24/2020)

Microseven Video Recorder Server M7RSS – Windows (v2.0.6.6) What’s New (9/2/2020): Fix bugs from a customer request. Previews Version: M7RSS (v2.0.6.5) (3/24/2020) What’s New: Add an MP4 video format while the video is recording on the hard disk drive. M7RSS (v2.0.6.4) (11/5/2019) What’s New: Add to create a crash report while the system crash. M7RSS … Continue Reading

Why Doesn’t The Camera Show On The Edge Browser?

Why doesn’t the camera show on the Edge browser? I open the camera from Cam Locator, and Edge browser is popped. The screen is blank and no Microseven camera interface I can see. To fix the problem,  click here and go to Microsoft TechNet to find the solution. You can go to Control Panel -> … Continue Reading

How To Adjust The Time Zone (Camera Timestamp)?

How to adjust the time zone (camera timestamp)? You go to the camera system via a browser. Then go to “CAMERA” -> “Name & Time” page. Select the Time Zone in the dropdown list and click “APPLY” to save the Time Zone setting.

How To Find M7B77-WPS v2 Firmware And Download It

How to find M7B77-WPS v2 firmware and download it? Step 1: Go to the site and click on ‘Firmware & Software’ to find the link. Click on the link Step2: From the dropdown list, select MYM71080i-A. Enter your email address and ‘Read,’ then go to click on “DOWNLOAD.” An email link will send to your … Continue Reading

How To Set A Motion Detection Recording On NVR (v2)

How to set a motion detection recording on NVR (version 2.0)? 1) Click on the right mouse button to open a menu window. Go and click on ‘Configure’. 2) Click on the ‘Event Setup’ option. 3) The ‘Event Setup’ window is opened, select ‘Motion Detection’ from the dropdown list. 4) Select ‘Enable’, event record ‘CH01’ … Continue Reading