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How To Add Camera To App And Retrieve Playback From Cloud Video Recorder

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Step 1: Download app from app store or Google play store.

Step 2: After login, tap on menu and select “Live Cameras”

Step 3: Tap on “+” to add a camera

Step 4: There is scan QR code scanner, QR code on box, or it is found from browser when you access camera via your PC, shows the QR on PC screen. Scan it.
If you do not have QR code label to scan, you can manually enter CamID and PIN in the app by tap on the link below “Continue without scan …”

Step 5: Add CamID and PIN in the two fields. If you have new camera credential then tap on “Camera Credential”. Otherwise click on “Checked mark on the right top corner on the screen”

Step 6: Enter your new credential, default value it is “admin” as user ID, and “password” as Password. Then click “checked mark” to save.

Step 7: Now a camera is added. For Example, “Valley Blvd” camera. Tap on Valley Blvd image on the screen.

Step 8: Playing live video.

Step 9: To open camera properties setting camera and retrieving playback, tap on the gear icon below snapshot.

Step 10: Here is the camera properties page, tap on “Alert History With Clips” to retrieve and play the
playback clip on cloud recorder via motion event.

Step 11: You can search timeline with playback clip and tap on them and play.

Step 12: Select a playback to play

Step 13: Playing …

Step 14: While motion event is triggered, notifications will send message on the screen.

Step 15: You can view the same clip via PC on microseven.com within your account and retrieving and playing playback.

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How To Add Camera To My Cameras In microseven.tv Before Using Cloud Video Recorder

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How To Add Camera to My Cameras In microseven.tv

Step 1 Go to My Cameras at www.microseven.com

Go to My Cameras, select My Cameras Settings and click on it.

Step 2 Sign In your account

Sign in your account, it is the same ID you signed in the mobile app. If you do not have one, create one by clicking on “CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT”

Step 3 Add new camera

Add a new camera, click on “Add new…”

Step 4 Fill the info of your camera

Create a camera name, enter it to “Camera Name:” field, CamID and PIN of your camera. And enter camera credential, default value are: admin / password. Make it activate, select Public or Privacy, if camera is privacy, select privacy. All the cameras info are secured.

Step 5 SAVE the info

Save the info click on “SAVE”.

Step 6 Click link or “View”

Click link or “View” to play live streaming from camera.

Step 7 Stream is playing…

Stream is playing …

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How To Upgrade Cameras Firmware Via Internet Browsers

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Step1 Download firmware from microseven.com

In the download page, there are three different firmware to download. You need to make sure there is one for your camera to upgrade.

Step2 Get camera IP address

Find the camera from Cam Finder or Cam Locator. For example, I pick up #17 camera as IP address for

Step3 Enter camera IP address in chrome browser (or any browsers)

After you type to your browser URL and hit enter, a pop up window for you to ask username and password.
Credential is by factory default:
username: admin
password: password

Step4 Open camera properties home page

After pass camera credential, you are on camera homepage. Go to click on “Camera Setup”.

Step5 Choose the downloaded new version firmware

Then go to “SYSTEM”, click on “Choose File” in SYSTEM page.

Step6 Select the firmware

Select the downloaded new version firmware file, click on Open.

Step7 Upgrade firmware

You see new firmware is selected, then click on UPGRADE button.

Step8 OK upgrade

Make sure all right then click on OK.

Step9 Wait … to complete upgrading

Starting upgrade… it will take about 1 minute to finish.

If the page can be refresh automatically, restart the camera, the cam locator search again to find new IP address.

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T-Mobile Cellular Access Live Cameras via iPhone Issue Resolved

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T-Mobile Cellular Access Live Cameras via iPhone Issue Resolved

Nick’s message, use T-Mobile cellular access Live Cameras remotely via iPhone. It has the issue only working in WiFi, but not in cellular mode (data plan) remote. He found the answer:

“Good news…..it’s now working! After trying everything I went into my phone settings to verify my iPhone version and while I was in it a “carrier update available” popped up. I updated it and now I can see my cameras again. It was definitely a T-mobile issue. My understanding was that they switched to Ipv6 and it was having problems converting Ipv4 things. I guess they fixed it. Thanks for all your help!”

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How To Use Microseven Cloud Video Recorder (CVR)

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How to use Microseven cloud recorder?

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How To Set Up Gmail As SMTP Server In Email Settings

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There are 4 steps for using gmail directly to prevent be blocked. I have created the instruction and attached snapshot for you.

Step1: Using gmail stmp server info in Email Setting page of cameras.

Gmail smtp setting info

Step2: you will get email after you select “Test” button, it will say from gmail that it is password incorrect, but you ignore it.

Step3: In the gmail secure warning mail, click on button of “SECURE YOUR ACCOUT”

secure you account

Step4: Select “Turn On” in the popup

Access for less secure apps - Turn On

[If you are still not finding where it is, here is the link to go: https://support.google.com/accounts/answer/6010255?hl=en]

Now you try to “Test” button on your camera email setting, then you should get the email from camera in your gmail account.

Your Microseven camera alert event email from camera

If you can’t find Turn ON in the security settings page, go to the following steps:

Step1 In your gmail, click on top right corner ‘Gear’ then go to settings





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Enable notifications on app for iOS and Android Required v2.0.3 Firmware

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Enable notifications on app for iOS and Android. You need to upgrade firmware to v2.0.3.

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New iPhone And iPad App Will Be Ready To Download From App Store

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New app will be upgradable from app store. It will be working on v2.0.3 firmware. We have add Notifications and sync and share with your smart phone and tablet.

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September 12th, 2016 at 1:33 am

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Error 107: Failed To Start Streaming Fixed

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New firmware v2.0.1 fixed “Error 107: Failed to start streaming”.

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August 25th, 2016 at 3:28 am

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Eight Characters And Spacebar Are Reserved By Camera When You Get Password Changed

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Four characters are reserved by camera systems when you change password with the following characters. These are not applied to your new password. There are



Please do not apply these 4 characters in WiFi password:
& = ” \

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