How To Upgrade The Firmware Via Internet Browsers

NOTICE: After you upgrade the firmware on your camera, the system will set back to the factory default. For example, the camera username and password will go back to the factory default. 1. Download firmware from and save the updated firmware on your computer. 2. Find your camera IP address 3. Enter the camera … Read more

How To Set Up SMTP Server In Email Settings Via A Gmail (updated 9/13/2023 Google-generated password for third-party apps)

Update 9/13/2023 Utilize microseven camera motion alerts to receive email notifications in Gmail. Check out the latest updates from Gmail to stay in the loop! There are 3 steps for using an SMTP server in the email settings configuration via Gmail. The following instruction and attached snapshot show you how to do it. Sending emails … Read more

How To Initially Set Up Microseven Cameras

How to initially set up Microseven IP cameras 1. Download Microseven with Cam Locator from Download on the site.   2. Open the Cam Locator. Windows icon and Mac ‘Cam Locator…’ button Click on ‘Search’ to find a camera. Highlight it and double click on it (or click on ‘Open’) to bring up a … Read more

How To Configure M7-GN2 Wireless Bridge

How To Configure M7-GN2 Wireless Bridge Enter // in the browser address bar∩╝îgo to the following device information page Choose Wireless tab to go to current device configuration page Wireless Mode, pull drop list and select ‘Access Point WDS’ In WDS Peers, enter the corresponding MAC address of the remote device(s). If there are several … Read more