How To Control PTZ In Blue Iris

How to add a camera in Blue Iris that can control the PTZ function in the Blue Iris software. You will need ONVIF to do it.

1. Add a new camera, enter the full name and short name, then select “Network IP” in Type.

2. Use Cam Locator to find the camera IP address. The User is “admin” and Password is “password” as the default password initially. Enter the camera IP address. Use Discovery/ONVIF port “8080” for Microseven ONVIF port. Then go to click on the “Find/inspect…” button.

3. Inspecting … and click “Close” when it finishes.

4. You can choose Sub for “SecondStreamProfile” in Blue Iris 5. And click “OK”.

5. You can choose 15.00 fps if you want to, then click “OK” to complete adding a camera in the Blue Iris. The video will stream in a couple of seconds.