How To Upgrade The Firmware Via Internet Browsers

NOTICE: After you upgrade the firmware on your camera, the system will set back to the factory default. For example, the camera username and password will go back to the factory default.

1. Download firmware from and save the updated firmware on your computer.
2. Find your camera IP address
3. Enter the camera IP address in a browser URL (or any browsers)
4. Go to the camera firmware upgrade page
5. Upgrade firmware
6. Wait … to complete the upgrading process

Step 1. Download firmware from

Go to, and click on the Download menu, and select Firmware & Software. On the firmware download page, you will find your camera’s latest system (firmware). The camera device type will be found in the Cam Locator software via searching the camera. The camera model information can find from the order invoice or the listed. Make sure there is your camera’s latest firmware version to upgrade.

Step 2. Find your camera IP address

Find the camera that you want to upgrade from Cam Locator. Open the Cam Locator, then you click on “Search”. You will select it in the search result list in the Cam Locator.

Here is an example, I pick up the #5 camera and its IP address is, (This is the camera that I want to upgrade its firmware).

Step 3. Enter the camera IP address in a browser URL (or any browsers)

You can click on “Open”. It will pop up in a browser window. The camera IP address will be in the URL on the browser. Or you can manually open a browser, and use the keyboard to type the camera IP address in the URL on the browser and hit enter on the keyboard. The log-in pop window will ask for the camera username and password.

The factory default credential (username and password) of the camera is:
username: admin
password: password

Step 4. Go to the camera firmware upgrade page

After you log in to the camera system, you can click the “Camera Setup” or “Live View” button to upgrade the firmware.

Then find the “SYSTEM” menu to land on the Firmware Upgrade page. You can see the current version firmware showing on the middle page. Now you are going to pick up the latest firmware where you downloaded on the computer. Click on the “Browse…” button.

Select the new version firmware (.pkg file) from your computer, click on “Open”.

Step 5. Upgrade firmware

Before you are going to upgrade the new firmware, you have to check the firmware version again. Then click on the UPGRADE button.

Click the “Ok” button to process the firmware update.

Step 6. Wait … to complete upgrading

Starting upgrade… it will take about 1 minute to finish. During the updating, the power must be on, the network must be connected.

If the page can not be refresh automatically after 90 seconds, restart the camera manually, and use the cam locator search again to find a new IP address.

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