14x optical PTZ network camera firmware updates (4k/8mp and 5mp hardware)

Firmware updates (1/11/2024):


Firmware name:
MYM75MP-HX-PTZ20X-DL-F1.0.12.pkg (1/11/2024)
MYM74K-HX-PTZ20X-DL-F1.0.12.pkg (1/11/2024)

Update the common command usage and make it on the control panel for the button to click.

1. Setup the patrol:
“PATROL 30 pos”: you can use the camera to patrol from one spot to another. The maximum number of spots is 30, and the number used is from 1 to 30.
For example, to set up the patrol spot, you move the camera to the first spot, and then you will enter “1” in the number field. Then, you click on the “PRESET” button. Next, you will set up the second spot; you move the camera to the second spot, enter “2” in the number field, and click “PRESET.” You can follow the steps for the third spot, fourth spot, and so on. Click the “PATROL 30 pos” button to start the camera patrol. The camera will start the patrol.

2. Setup the auto-tracking:
Auto-tracking from the camera: you must set up a home position (spot). For example, you install the camera in front of the garage door. You may move and position the camera to face the driveway. After you set the home position on the camera, you can start the auto-tracking; you click on “ON tracking,” and then the camera will track the person who walks in the driveway until the person leaves. The default setting is 60 seconds, and the camera returns to the home position (spot).

3. Turn on/off the active deterrence (red/light blinking light):
The camera has active deterrence lights built-in. When the motion alert is triggered, the lights will be active. The button of the a.d. light for turning on and off is added.