How to fix PTZ camera orientation settings

How to fix PTZ camera orientation settings. If you move the ptz camera in the the opposite direction or upside down, you can fix it.

Download the tool from

On your Windows computer, install the tool and follow the 4-step guide.

  1. Enter the PTZ camera IP address
  2. Enter the PTZ camera’s username
  3. Enter the PTZ camera’s password
  4. In the Camera PTZ Control panel, check both “Flip” and “Mirror” boxes
  5. Click on “Set”

The camera will reboot. It will be fixed after restarting. If you have a Mac, you can use your browser to fix the issue.

Please follow the steps below to fix the issue with your camera:


1. Open a browser on your macOS device.

2. Enter the following URL in the address bar:

http://[the camera_IP_address]/param.cgi?cmd=setmotorrange&-flip=1&-mirror=1

(Replace [the camera_IP_address] with the actual IP address of your camera)

3. Hit Enter on your keyboard.

4. Wait for the camera to reboot. This may take a minute.

5. Once the camera restarts, the problem should be fixed.


If you have any further issues, please let me know. Contact techsupport[at]microseven[dot]com.