How To Uncheck Video Preservation On NVR

How to make Video Preservation (Hour) unchecked. 1. Go to “Configure” [move the mouse on the monitor screen and right-click on]. 2. Select “Storage” in the Configure menu screen. 3.  Uncheck, and leave the “Video Preservation (Hours)” blank. Default is unchecked.

How To Upgrade NVR Firmware Using Your PC

How to upgrade NVR firmware using your PC 1. Run the Cam Locator software on your PC. Find the NVR local IP address. For example, here it is The default port is 80. 2. Run iWatch software on the PC. You can download it from the NVR or you can download it from … Read more

User Guides – How-To

How to set up a camera How to set up wifi camera Set up wifi using an Ethernet cable initially Set up wifi using the camera hotspot wifi network (new) via a phone Set up wifi using the camera hotspot wifi network (new) via a PC How to make motion-activated alert zones on the camera … Read more

How To Test The Camera With Your PC

How to test the camera with your PC 1. Turn off your laptop wifi if you have wifi on. 2. Power on the camera using a power 12V DC adapter. Connect the camera to your PC ethernet port via a Cat5E cable. Make sure the power on the camera and ethernet cable connected to the … Read more

How To Set Up Opening CMS Without Login And Password

Open the CMS on the desktop. Click on ‘Configuration’ to open the System Configuration pop-up window. Check on ‘Remember UserID and Password when I start M7CMS’. Next, enter the admin password. Then click ‘OK’. You won’t get the login password pop-window at your next running the CMS on your PC.

How To Set Up Camera Go Live On YouTube

The Youtube go live post to Youtube, the camera requires the latest firmware. The excellent post is at The firmware download and upgrade information are ready at site. 1. Go to your youtube account and select ‘Go live.’ 2. Select the STREAM. 3. Get the ‘Server URL’ and ‘Stream name/key’ from Youtube. 4. … Read more

How To Restore The Camera’s CamID And PIN

1. Run and open the Cam Locator window.  Find the camera that needs to restore its CamID and PIN. Write the IP address of the camera down on the note. 2. Download the restore program from (request to by email if you need to restore the CamID and PIN). The Tech support team … Read more